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The mission of the Housing Crisis Center is to prevent homelessness and to stabilize those at risk in decent, affordable, and permanent housing, and to empower them to solve their own housing problems in the future.

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What We Do

  • Prevent.

    The Housing Crisis Center provides three different programs that help thousands of households on an annual basis. Each year the Housing Crisis Center hotline serves 9,000 households, with support provided by AARP. The Housing Crisis Center legal clinic serves 1,100 households with aid from Legal Community. The staff attorney for the Housing Crisis Center provides relief for 90 households with support from LANWT.
  • Stabilize.

    In order to help stabilize all of our clients, the Housing Crisis Center provides two different housing options to help clients get on their feet.  With support provided by HUD, various foundations, and individual donations, the HCC is able to provide a long-term transitional housing program to 115 households as well as permanent supportive housing to 155 households, both annually.

  • Empower.

    Through eight different programs we are able to help empower our Housing Crisis Center clients. With support from the Department of Housing and Urban Development, several area foundations, the United Way and hundreds of individual donors and volunteers, we are able to help empower our clients and teach them financial control through services such as Intensive Case Management, Behavioral Health Therapy, Financial Education, and Legal Education.

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