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Good afternoon, HCC supporters!

I had an interesting meeting recently with a woman who has the “inside track” at the Veterans Administration here in Dallas.  You may not know it, but HCC is the largest provider of permanent housing for veterans next to what is known as the VASH voucher system.  Soon, HCC will add 10 more veterans households to its roster – exciting stuff.

You may be wondering why I titled this post “26,000.”  Brace yourself:

That’s how many vets will be heading to North Texas in the next 18 months, according to the Dallas VA.

Now, vets aren’t typically homeless immediately when they return from war – the downward spiral takes a while.  Give it a few years and I can almost guarantee a significant portion of that 26,000 will be living on a street near you.  What can we do?

Let’s make more housing available.  Let’s create more resources and expand what we currently have to accommodate vets in order to prevent homelessness.  HCC is already exploring ways to make the transition for OIF/OEF vets different and …

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