“ I get up each morning and check my credit report. As of today I have joined the ranks of the few who have an Excellent credit rating.”

David’s story

For more than 20 years David was addicted to cocaine. In 2012, he lost four jobs, was evicted four times, and finally went to jail. After getting out of jail, David was living in a tent, spending his days looking for ways to get drugs. His life hit rock bottom and he turned to the Salvation Army for help. Motivated by an upcoming visit from his son, who’s in the military, David decided to take the next step on the path to regaining his self-respect. A friend introduced him to Program Manager Gina Norman of the Housing Crisis Center and David was accepted into HCC’s Rapid Rehousing Program. In September of 2014 David moved into the Fair Oaks Crossing Apartments and began receiving individualized coaching designed to give him the skills necessary to prevent him from ever having to live in a tent again.

ID-10014635When they are referred to us, the majority of Housing Crisis Center’s clients have been subsisting in an underground, cash-only economy. With no understanding of personal finances, they are highly vulnerable. The Rapid Rehousing Program accomplishes its goal of moving people out of poverty permanently by providing individual coaching designed to give the person the skills to save money, pay off debts, and establish a budget.

David’s story is remarkable. When he entered the program, David had a credit score of 510, which falls into the Very Poor category. But just a year later, he has seen his score jump an incredible 241 points. In just one week, David’s score rose 21 points, giving him a score of  751.  Credit ratings from 750 to 850 are classified as Excellent, which makes David one of a select few. He has paid off his outstanding debts and is now working toward becoming a Salvation Army officer and ordained minister.