HCC Clients receive Scholarships!

This just in: Two of our clients have been awarded scholarships by the Dallas Foundation! HCC’s Treddie and Dean have been selected to receive two of this quarter’s Next Steps Scholarships.

Founded in 1929, the Dallas Foundation is the oldest community foundation in the state. They serve as the critical link between generous donors and the community and causes they cherish.

These scholarships will help bring Treddie and Dean one step closer to their goals. Treddie will receive $750 to go toward books and other school supplies, and Dean $1000 to go toward his written exam, practical exam, barbershop permit, criminal history evaluation, work shoes and clothes and barber kit items. We couldn’t be more thrilled, and grateful to the Dallas Foundation for the great work they do for our community.

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A Huge Thank You to Everyone Who Gave!

Housing Crisis Center raised almost $5,000 this year during North Texas Giving Day. We’re excited about this, and truly grateful for all the wonderful and generous folks who donated, and we made more than four times our total from last year! With your support, we can continue to help folks like Mr. Anderson and David, whose stories we shared with you earlier.

More than 118,000 gifts were given, raising more than $33 million for Texas non-profits in just 18 hours! We are so thrilled that there are so many wonderful folks out there who care about our communities.

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Welcome Home, Mr. Anderson

Some of our clients’ stories are almost too sad to tell. Benjamin Anderson came to the Housing Crisis Center in 2009. He has battled repeated bouts of cancer, possibly from being exposed to radiation while serving our country in the Marine Corps. After returning to civilian life, he found employment—then broke his back on the job. Then, because of the previous cancer diagnosis, he was denied Workman’s Compensation! Think it can’t get any worse? Read on. A couple of years later, his ex-wife and one of his daughters were killed by a drunk driver. He was left as the sole support for his surviving daughter, A’naijah, who was 5 at the time. This new responsibility gave him a reason to live. Realizing that providing some normalcy for his daughter would be one of the best things he could do after her traumatic loss, he kept his daughter in the same school, even though it meant driving across town twice a day. He finally received Social Security disability, but has had to fight for his veteran’s benefits. Surprisingly, this story does have a happy …

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