Success stories: David

DBeckham for blogEarlier, we told you about David, who increased his credit score from 510 to 751 in just a year. We thought you might like an update on this story, because it’s truly inspiring.
Before being accepted into the HCC’s Home Again program, David’s life had pretty much hit rock-bottom. Then he became involved with the Salvation Army, and seems to have found his calling. He’s graduated from our program and is now working as a Corps Assistant, in addition to teaching adult Sunday school and kids’ classes. He’s absolutely thrilled with his life.
Using the skills he learned from HCC, he settled $18,000 in debts this year. For the first time in his adult life, David is debt-free. He plans to become an ordained minister, and has now cleared the final obstacle to achieving his most treasured goal: going to Bible college. Not bad for a guy who not that long ago lived in a tent!