Gabby needs your help

At 11, Gabby is too young to understand the circumstances that led to her family becoming homeless. She just knows she wants to keep going to the same school, where she gets excellent grades and is in an advanced academics program. Her mom just wants what’s best for her family, but needs help learning how to save and set up a budget. That’s where Housing Crisis Center comes in–Gabby and her mom were recently accepted into our Home Again program. We help with the rent, and they get to stay in their old neighborhood so Gabby doesn’t have to change schools. And we provide financial, employment, and personal empowerment training, so our clients don’t just end up back on the streets again. It’s a win-win proposition for everyone.
At the Housing Crisis Center, we believe children are our community’s future. No one should suffer the indignity of being homeless, especially not children. You can help Gabby and families like hers: through the generosity of Mr. Dave Cook and Pendery’s World of Chilis and Spices, every dollar you donate to HCC between now and May 2 becomes three! We need to raise $10,000–which means $30,000 for families like Gabby’s. With $30,000 HCC can house 2 veterans or 2 families with kids for an entire year.
Be part of the solution! Go to the Pendery’s Charity Challenge Chili Cookoff page and scroll down to the Donate section, or make out a check to “Pendery’s FBO HCC” and mail it to:
Pendery’s Charity Chili Cook-off
1221 Manufacturing St.
Dallas, TX 75207