We love our community partners!

Philanthropy, when it comes right down to it, is about people helping people. It’s so gratifying to know that there are so many wonderful people and organizations out there whose goals mesh with ours–much of the credit for our many successes must go to our friends and neighbors. The employees of Maximus Foundation and the Women of St. Michael’s and All Angels Episcopal Church are among those who have helped HCC provide a better life for our clients.
Maximus Foundation is dedicated to the health and well-being of individuals, children and families. Their work in the US, Canada and worldwide focuses on making sure that expectant mothers have access to Medicaid and other services so that their babies come into the world healthy, with a head start in life. Larry Locklear from the Arlington office recently stopped to bring us a check for $2,500, collected from Maximus employees for our families with children. (photo) Welcome to the HCC family, Maximus employees! You guys are awesome.
The Women of St Michael’s and All Angels Episcopal Church raise hundreds of thousands for local charities every year. These ladies are absolutely tireless in their efforts to improve the lives of others. We couldn’t be more grateful to be chosen as one of the 64 Dallas-area non-profits who received their help this year. Their gift of $5,000.00 also goes toward our program that provides housing for families with children.
We’d also like to send a big shout out to Fantastic Moves, who donated their services to move 6 of our clients. You may have heard that there’s a major housing crunch in Dallas right now, and several of our clients have had to relocate. Just when we needed them, Fantastic Moves came to the rescue! We all know what a hassle moving can be, but the people at Fantastic Moves really care about their customers, and they made sure everything went without a hitch.