To prevent homelessness and to stabilize those at risk in decent, affordable, and permanent housing, and to empower them to solve their own housing problems in the future.

Support and Success

All HCC programs are strengthened by other services offered in the community.  It takes a village to address this issue, and through collaboration with the rest of the non-profit service sector in Dallas, we accomplish great things.  Also critical to the success of HCC are funds from the Department of Housing and Urban Development, local foundations, and individuals.  HCC boasts a success rate of 80% in its housing programs, meaning that more than 80% of HCC program graduates remain permanently housed within the first year following graduation.  Additionally, 88 cents out of every dollar goes directly to programs.


The Housing Crisis Center (HCC) began in 1978 as the Dallas Tenants Association, providing free legal support to low income tenants. Currently HCC offers a continuum of housing programs and services designed to prevent homelessness, stabilize those who couldn’t avoid an episode of homelessness, and empower everyone to solve housing problems on their own in the future.  More than 10,000 households rely on HCC for assistance each year.

2013 Annual Report

Housing Crisis Center 2013 Annual Report Cover

Click here to download Housing Crisis Center’s 2013 Annual Report. You will need Adobe Acrobat Reader to open this file.