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Jobs for Our Veterans

I was watching MSNBC this morning (as I do many mornings) and they kept mentioning a movement by our US Chamber of Commerce called “Hiring Our Heroes.”  So I looked it up – some really cool stuff.  You can read more by clicking HERE.

I am thankful for those companies that recognize the transferable skills our veterans have to offer.  And, there are job programs specifically designed for veterans offered by Capital One and Toyota – really neat initiatives.  Thanks to both of those companies for their dedication to our hometown heroes!

As you likely know, HCC serves a lot of veterans in our housing programs.  Our veterans have been chronically homeless and have a disability, but some can work part-time.  It’s not easy, in this economy, to find employment for them – but we have some amazing partners who work with us to help with that and other resources.

We have had a partnership with Pendery’s, a local spice company, who has utilized our veterans in their labor force during the holiday season …

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Military Statistics

So, this morning on National Public Radio (NPR) I heard, yet again, that the number of suicides by veterans and active duty military in 2012 exceeded the number of deaths in combat.


Sometimes when we hear statistics we don’t really hear them. They go in one ear and out the other. I remember when I heard, during the presidential primary races of 2008, that HIV/AIDS was the leading cause of death among African-American women in their 20s, I was stunned. I thought to myself, “That’s an epidemic – we should have that statistic on every billboard and every TV screen across the country.” Well, every time I hear the statistic about suicide and our armed forces, I have that same thought. That’s an epidemic. Everyone should know this – we should be shouting it from the rooftops. We have to do something about it.

Here’s another statistic to blow your socks off: More than 1,100 members of the armed forces died by suicide from 2005 to 2009 – an average of 1 suicide by a member of the armed …

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Here we are. Again.

Well, here we are.  Again.

Another mass shooting.  Another time for us to talk about gun control and the NRA and innocence lost and the senselessness of it all.  We also, like clockwork, talk about mental illness and how “crazy people” shouldn’t get guns because mental illness leads to violence.

Except it doesn’t.

I wrote the following after the Tucson shooting where Representative Gabby Giffords was so tragically wounded and so many others lost their lives.  The words I used still apply.  Here they are:

I always get a little nervous when political pundits and celebrity doctors start chiming in about the complexities of schizophrenia or bipolar disorder, and then subsequently offended both when mental illness is somehow considered an excuse for violent behavior and simultaneously paints those who are actually seriously sick as “nuts” or “whack jobs.”

Mental illness can strike any socio-economic group; it certainly doesn’t discriminate.  A larger percentage of homeless individuals, however, struggle with it than do our middle class neighbors.  People aren’t diagnosable as mentally ill because they are homeless, but they are often homeless …

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Patriot Party invitation

Patriot Party

Our annual party benefitting our veterans programs is right around the corner. Sponsorships and tickets are still available, and we’re still accepting donations for our silent auction. Learn more here.

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North Texas Giving Day is just around the corner

North Texas Giving Day is Thursday, September 13 from 7am to 7pm! Housing Crisis Center will be eligible to receive extra funds for every donation of $25 or more given on the website or in person. Please help us earn part of $1 million in prizes and challenge funds that Communities Foundation of Texas and their donors have pledged to area nonprofits.

On September 13, please go to and search for Housing Crisis Center. That will take you to our page with our logo, mission statement and donation form.

Thank you for helping us make our community a better home for everyone!

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Attorneys Needed!

Every Wednesday night, Housing Crisis Center (HCC) hosts a legal clinic for issues surrounding housing – unlawful evictions, inhumane living conditions, housing discrimination, etc.  The first, second, forth, and fifth Wednesdays during the month, HCC and Legal Aid of NorthWest Texas have partnered with firms around Dallas to provide volunteer assistance.  While we search for a firm willing to dedicate volunteers regularly on the third Wednesday of the month, we need your help!

Tomorrow is the third Wednesday of this month …so we are calling all our attorney friends to volunteer!

If you or any attorney you know is interested in volunteering at this clinic, please come to HCC at 4210 Junius Street in east Dallas (corner of Peak and Junius) tomorrow night around 6 PM.  The more attorneys we have, the quicker the clinic moves.  The clinic doesn’t happen without volunteer assistance from people like YOU.

Additionally, if you are interested in getting your firm to commit to the third Wednesday of the month, please contact Kathryn Jacob at or 214.828.4244 x113

Learn more about HCC’s legal …

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