Legal Education and Services was the Housing Crisis Center’s first program to prevent homelessness in Dallas.  Initiated in 1978, the program provides free access and advice to tenants facing legal struggles with their landlord.

Since then, this program has been successful due to the partnerships developed with various law firms and other independent attorneys.

The Housing Crisis Center sincerely thanks all of our partners and over 150 attorneys who volunteer their time and talents each Wednesday evening.

Participating Dallas law firms include:



The philanthropic community in Dallas is impressive!  HCC has been fortunate to connect with several foundations for generous monetary support over the years.

These foundations include:

Bryant and Nancy Hanley Foundation



HCC has been so fortunate to have such fantastic and dedicated supporters!  HCC’s Board of Directors is an incredibly passionate group of individuals – please take a moment to see who they are on our “Board of Directors” webpage.

Sharon Smith, PC Momma

For the United Way 2012 – 2013 funding year, the Housing Crisis Center thanks them for their generous support of our veterans housing programs!  HCC partners with the United Way on the goals outlined in their “Impact 2020” campaign to move 200,000 individuals in the Metroplex out of poverty by 2020.

Last, but certainly not least, HCC recieves the majority of its income from the Department of Housing and Urban Development, through government Supportive Housing Program funds.