We're Here for Tim

Tim’s Story

From an early age, Tim struggled in school with an undiagnosed learning disability. Frustrated and failing, he dropped out altogether after the 8th grade. Severe beatings by his alcoholic father took their toll and by the age of 16, Tim also discovered alcohol, which led to other drug use. By 21, he was addicted to cocaine. Eventually his lifestyle caught up with him and he went to prison.

After his release from prison, Tim became homeless. During his 30s, he survived a number of suicide attempts and lived in a tent in the woods. Tim spent much of his 40s transient and addicted. He has been diagnosed with Bipolar Disorder and Generalized Anxiety Disorder. He received medication from time to time, but in 2011 hit rock bottom. After yet another suicide attempt, he sought refuge in an emergency shelter that referred him to permanent supportive housing through HCC ­— a more sustainable fit for Tim’s circumstances.

Now, Tim is sober, has access to healthcare, and is receiving medication for his mental illnesses. He participates in behavioral health therapy with our …

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Terry Ann’s Story

Terry Ann was 28 years old and a mother of two small children when she decided to leave her abusive husband.  By the time she found the strength to move to a temporary shelter for domestic violence victims, Terry Ann found out she was expecting her third child.  Like so many others in her situation, she hoped that a new baby would inspire a positive change in her husband, but instead his anger and violence only got worse.

Terry Ann was finally at her wits’ end.  She refused to keep three innocent children in danger, so after much prayer and careful thought, Terry Ann made the decision to leave her husband for the last time, ending the cycle of violence that had plagued her for many years.

At around six months pregnant, Terry Ann and her two children stayed at a temporary shelter for three weeks before she realized that a shelter is no place to raise a family.  She was referred to the Home Again Long-Term Transitional Housing Program at Housing Crisis Center and moved her children into a …

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Herbert’s Story

Five short years ago, Herbert was an average middle-class American living in the suburbs in Tennessee.  The Navy veteran had 40 years of experience in theatre set design and technical directing, which provided full-time contract work with good, steady pay.  Like many other people, the turbulent economy hit too close to home, causing Herbert to lose his theatre contract and be forced to join the ranks of millions of other unemployed Americans.

Unemployment took a particularly rough toll on Herbert, and before long, extreme depression sank in.  Herbert soon moved to Dallas to live with family, but when that didn’t work out, he found himself still unemployed and homeless.

Herbert lived in a Dallas shelter for two years while working in the VA Hospital’s Transitional Work Experience program for a small hourly wage.  Shelter life proved especially difficult for Herbert, who at that time was 61 years old.  It had been so difficult, in fact, that he was in utter disbelief when he was accepted into the Permanent Housing Services program in late 2009.

Herbert’s case worker describes him as “intelligent …

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Roselynn’s Story

Roselynn’s story is very unique.  From the outside, she is a young woman who exudes great confidence and high-self esteem, but her life story is far from ordinary.  Roselynn first came to Housing Crisis Center when she began having family problems while living with her grandmother.  She was asked to leave her grandmother’s home just four months after giving birth due to a disagreement.  Roselynn ended up on the streets of Dallas with no place to go.  She attests to living in hotels, churches, on the streets, and even with people she didn’t even know just to be able to lay her head down at night.  With no other alternatives, Roselynn went to Dallas Life shelter with her four month old baby girl, Maya.  While at Dallas Life, Roselynn learned of the services offered through the Housing Crisis Center.   Roselynn recalls the first time she participating in a screening at HCC Headquarters.  “Everyone was so nice and made me feel welcomed.”  Roselynn reports that Housing Crisis gave her a new start.  “After coming to HCC, I basically felt more stable, …

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Perry’s Story

At 18, Perry enlisted in the Marine Corps and shortly after was shipped off to Europe for duty.  As a member of the infantry fighting unit, Perry had to be combat ready at all times.  As a result Perry had to learn to deal with a great deal of stress at a young age.  Drugs and alcohol was a great form of release for a Marine.  During the 1980’s, Marines had the highest rate of substance abuse among all the branches of military service and Perry soon found himself using drugs frequently.  Fortunately, Perry also had other stress releasers.  As a martial artist Perry taught self defense and hand to hand combat.  While in Japan Perry won the Okanowan Japan Karate championship.  He continued to practice the martial arts in many other countries while overseas.

First returning home to Ohio, Perry ended up moving to Fort Worth, Texas, within nine months. After four years of military, Perry found returning to the states a rude awakening.  Perry found it difficult to adjust to civilian life.   According to Perry, civilian life was …

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