Please consider staffing the Housing Crisis Center’s legal clinic, which is open every second and fourth Wednesday of the month, and is an advice-only tenant/landlord workshop.

HCC volunteer attorneys offer advice only, with no attorney/client relationship, at weekly housing workshops.  Over 10,000 households seek HCC’s help each year in areas ranging from lockouts and evictions to disputes regarding rent, repairs and public housing issues.  The people seeking HCC’s help come from all over the DFW metroplex and from all walks of life.  The HCC clinic provides volunteer attorneys a great opportunity to give back to your community while sharpening and building upon your legal skills.

Some attorneys have been reluctant to staff the clinic because they do not practice in the area of tenant/landlord disputes, or practice real estate law.  Don’t let that stop you from volunteering — this isn’t rocket science.  If you have ever rented an apartment or house, you probably already know the answers to most questions.  Also, you know more than you think you do, there is a manual available to guide you through common issues that frequently arise at the clinic, and there are also forms available to you that you can share with the people you counsel at the clinic.

Volunteers can contact Dallas Volunteer Attorney Program or HCC directly (Cassandra Mathis at

Thank you in advance for serving HCC’s legal clinic!